"I just can't say enough good about Jeff Hennens drum studio. My son, Michael, has been taking lessons from him for five months now and I'm blown away by his progress! My son started with no formal knowledge, but in the past few weeks Jeff had Michael (8 years old) playing along to Michael Jackson and Eddie Vedder songs and he loved it! Michaels ADHD, gross motor and fine motor delays have not discouraged Jeffs consistent yet relaxed teaching style either. Jeff has unlimited patience when my son's runs thin. Speaking as a music teacher myself, I would recommend Jeff Hennen to anyone looking for a wonderful music learning experience! He makes music fun and rewarding - exactly what it should be."


"Jeff is a great teacher & a great drummer. My daughter had taken drums from Jeff for 2+ years & always looks forward to her lessons and I love his flexibility."


"I first learned how to play from hearing and listening which only got me so far. I couldn't count notes, I couldn't read notes, I couldn't even play a paradiddle. After taking lessons with Jeff, he's not only become my mentor, but he's opened my mind to new ways of playing -new styles of playing and brings everything up a new level with his "accelerated learning" curve. I highly recommend Jeff for any style and or any levels!"


"I have been taking drum lessons with Jeff for over ten years, and besides his obvious excellent drumming skills and teaching abilities, he has taught me to be a great drummer and he has become one of my closest lifelong friends. I strongly recommend Jeff to anyone seriously interested in learning to play drums."


“Jeff Hennen is easily among the best and most experienced drum instructors in the Dallas area. He has a long history of success with students (many of whom are now working professionals across the country)— his success in the highly competitive Dallas market — is partly due to a large number of word-of-mouth referrals. His curriculum is organized, planned, and paced very well, but is also highly adaptable to the students short — and long-term needs and goals. I consider the time I spent with Jeff to have been extremely influential in my life not just in music, but in allot of areas that stemmed from learning the drums. Most significantly, Jeff helped me transition from being a novice to being a professional drummer. I went from purchasing my first kit, to playing in a popular professional working cover band here in the Dallas area within the first 12 months. I have been studying drums with Jeff off and on for over 2 years. Jeff has the ability to reach each student and find a way to relate and convey his thoughts to any individual. One of Jeff’s greatest strengths lies in his ability to breathe passion for art and life via the drum set. Jeff has a vast knowledge of his craft, a huge arsenal of lessons from his past and training he has attended, Jeff brings a unique ability to adapt to each individual's needs. Jeff is so well versed in the classical, popular, and avant-garde styles of drumming that he can lead a student on their desired path, patiently demonstrate how to play a difficult passage, and encourage them to play to the best of their ability. I am thankful for having had the opportunity to work with Jeff and consider him a really good friend. “


"I am a 48 year old woman who lives in Dallas, TX. I LOVE music and grew up playing the piano and violin. I have always wanted to learn how to properly play the bongos and other rhythmic instruments. A group of friends of mine get together and jam a couple of times a month. I started to play around with the bongos at their house. For my 46th birthday, one of the guys I play with gave me 4 lessons with Jeff as my present to properly learn how to play them. The very first lesson I was walking down the hall of the studio to Jeff’s room listening to some amazing drumming going on. It was Jeff. I was instantly at ease with his easy going personality, professionalism and obvious incredible talent. It has been such a wonderful experience to spend an hour learning something new and actually feel like I am making great progress as well. The “band” has noticed my improvement as well:) I highly recommend Jeff for lessons, you will not be disappointed!!"


"After ten years of taking lessons with Jeff Hennen, the skills and qualities you gain as a person go beyond learning the drums and improve your life. I look back to when I started as a six-year-old and see that I have come a long way; not only as a drummer but as human being. My skills have improved tremendously over the years, and these abilities will stay with me for the duration of my life. Jeff helped improve my patience and discipline; playing the drums does not come easy but with practice and determination your goals will be met. His honest and down to earth teaching mentality will help you grow as a drummer. You’ll see improvement in your musical abilities after each lesson. Most importantly, Jeff has become a strong role model and friend in my life. As a teacher he will strengthen your skills as drummer, but as friend he will strengthen your skills as person."


"What I enjoy most about taking drum lessons from Jeff for the past 10 years is the noticeable improvement I experience week over week. His customized and positive approach took me from a beginner to having fun as the drummer for the band Merry and the Mood Swings. Jeff is very effective with students of all ages and every skill level. "


'We were recommended to Jeff by a friend. Our son started taking lessons with him when he was 6. He has been teaching him for 2 years now. Jeff is an exceptional teacher and an amazing drummer himself. He is very patient and adapts every lesson to what my sons needs at that specific time while always progressing and challenging him. He makes learning fun, exciting and rewarding. We can't say enough great things about Jeff and would recommend him to any level of drummer!'

Kevin & Tiffany